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My name is Sally

At the age of 34, I found myself in the midst of a complete emotional and physical breakdown. Despite struggling for years to find effective help in time, I had only been offered medication or expensive talk therapy that left me feeling inadequate. Seeking a solution, I turned to holistic practices and discovered the remarkable effects of Breathwork. Just 90 minutes of practice brought me renewed energy and vitality, surpassing any other form of holistic practice or treatment I had tried. Not only did it provide physical and mental rejuvenation, but it also offered me profound clarity and answers to long-standing questions.

Through the power of my breath, I achieved a deep sense of harmony and connection within myself. The healing energy that flowed through me provided newfound clarity and understanding, prompting me to explore this holistic modality further. I realised that the breath held the key to healing and self-discovery.

Breathwork became my guiding light, offering revitalisation and a path towards personal growth. I recognised its potential to transform lives and was inspired to master the art of Breathwork and share its incredible benefits with others.

As a certified practitioner of Breathwork and Breathing Cold Trainer. I am dedicated to helping individuals discover their inner strength, regulate the nervous system, achieve deep relaxation, and unlock potential.

Breath Artistry Founder Sally
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