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Clients Talk

Straight From the Source

Sally has shown me the power of vulnerability and the beauty of what community care can look like. She has an intuitive knowledge for the support that you need and words that you need to hear exactly when you need them. She is a witness to her own humanity and walks the path of integrity. She knows what you're going through because she has been there before. She is care and love embodied. Hannah, UK

I am what you might call a sceptic, but I was intrigued. Sincerely, give it a go. You get relief, but you’re also learning and taking that away with you. I highly recommend checking out the benefits to be reaped. Worst case, you don't like it. You come away having learned something. Useful tricks I got for simple things like calming your nerves and tips on physical endurance. Worth every penny and definitely worth exploring. Matthew, AU

Such a powerful healing experience. Sally holds a strong, safe, loving space that enabled me to work through my trauma and trust my internal healing process. Highly recommend the conscious connected breathwork practice first to those setting out on their healing journey. No better place to start than the source and an approach that supports every moment in life. Casey, AU

Steven AU

Sally thank you for your wisdom and kindness in facilitating a breath work session. I am connecting deeper thanks to your help and guidance and passion. Thank you xx

Testimonials We love

"As a newcomer to Breathwork, Sally has an expert understanding of the theory and holds a very supportive space for enlightening and healing sessions. Each session was unique and brought new things to my awareness and Integration. I recommend Breath Artistry for anyone curious about Breathwork or seeking to further their practice."

Christoff, Melbourne

"Wow, where do I even start to describe my experience with Sally? This was my first time doing Breathwork - my friend bought it for me for my 29th birthday. Sally was absolutely incredible at creating a safe environment for me whilst also helping push me to places I needed to go and keeping me focused. I won't go into the nitty gritty of my personal experience, but what I can say is that it was truly transformational. Sally also has offered support after the fact, and you can tell she truly wants to see her clients heal and prosper. Can't thank you enough, Sally ."

Rhiannon, Melbourne

"Sally has been so kind, attentive, and patient in her role of guiding me in my Breathwork journey. As a psychologist, I am realising how integral Breathwork is to healing the mind and body, and Sally creates a safe environment in which to do this. I highly recommend you try it for yourself."

Angie, Melbourne

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