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Universal Truth

"Life is suffering" Jordan Peterson. I believe it. Suffering is the tax we pay for being human, head of the animal kingdom.

It's wise to remember that we are but animals. Yes, we're gifted with conscienceness, but perhaps to be conscious that we are indeed a moving part of a delicate ecosystem. I think we've forgotten ourselves or misunderstood our gift and reason for being. Instead, we've let the ego we struggle with, take over. We don't control anything; Mother Nature controls all.

Believe in climate change or not, we become nuisance enough, she will have her way, and we won't have a say in it. We believe ourselves to be smarter than 2000 years ago, so as the church loses its following to Instagram, has anyone considered updating our human need for story? Examples of leadership? The heroes journey, good over evil.

Are Hollywood or Netflix and the gaming world our example? What about our need for in-person connection and fellowship? We can't touch online as far as I know.

As I write this, I'm in lockdown due to Melbourne's new Covid outbreak. I wonder what history will have to say about Covid. An artificial virus and a vaccine that altered the cells that bind us and makes us human. I'm sorry. Who are we trusting with our bodies again?!

With all of our intelligence, we build conveniences to make our lives comfortable. Still, it's a universal law for every positive there's a negative, so what's the tax we pay for ignorance where natures concerned? We have to consider evolution takes time. Mother Nature is infinite in her wisdom, our lifespan a cell in its entirety. Our intellects are paying little attention to the natural order of things as it continues to build faster and faster intelligence. Instead, we blindly rely on it, disconnecting to the source as we go. It's my understanding we are struggling to keep up. Our mental health, and as a result, our physical bodies are paying the price. How long can the ego indulge and nature allow before we explore new ways of thinking? I sure hope it's in time.

How about this as an idea.... the two great ends of medicine in western cultures healthcare, being professional and holistic medicines, build a bridge and come together. Please! Accept the other has something to offer and work it out.

We possess two nervous systems. One of which is often running on high, unnaturally from wake until sleep. It's our fight or flight arousal of the sympathetic nervous system. The system that once upon a time had us running from lions and tigers. Oh my! It takes time to wind down from that energy into the rest and digest or parasympathetic system we're naturally supposed to live in, and it's our technology that's turning us on.

We must train ourselves to breathe consciously and correctly. Find a practice that supports our vital need to centre ourselves and rest. It's not the world going crazy. It's each and every one of us.

We breathe 60% less oxygen than we did 200 years ago. So can you imagine, with all the ground we've covered medically, what could be possible if we learnt to use our bodies wisdom and came back to the breath and team the two healings?The medical profession would have us believe the body and mind are separate, treated separately. This duality is due to a lack of understanding of the conscious mind. It could not be more untrue. Using the first tool Mother Nature gave us, it's possible to understand the conscious mind by listening to the body. For example, if we use conscious connected breathing, the conscience informs our body what it requires. As a result, the body heals the mind to heal the body, as was naturally intended.

Medicine is a fantastic tool to have but certainly not to be the first thing we trust. How can we not trust our body when it automatically unconsciously draws breath for us?. It's the only truth we possess.

The answer is in the breath. Accessible to us every moment of life, if we care to consciously partake.


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