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No Satisfaction

For those people who have it tough. Those who weren't given the breaks in life others have. If you're unhappy, dissatisfied, always left wanting or wish for a life that's not yours. People don't respond well to you, and you don't know why. If this feels like you, listen up!

You're a tough cookie, be proud of yourself for being a survivor. What you've been through and put up with is traumatic. I get it. You're not alone.

If this is so for you, haven’t you had enough? Being tired and feeling hard done by is miserable work. Isn't it time for a change? You deserve to be happy.

You weren't responsible for the trauma that happened to you.

Here's the news, the brutal fact is nobody can change your circumstances but you. No one else but you can do the thinking required or the work it takes to change your life.

You are responsible for your life and your happiness. Your dreams are your responsibility. The money you make is your responsibility. Your goals and everything you want in life are your responsibility.

And how you heal the trauma you've been through is your responsibility alone.

From the moment you take responsibility, a weight feels lifted. Change begins to happen. If you do the work, people respond to you differently—no more pretending to be nice. You will have every reason to be. Everything becomes more accessible, joyful, and even exciting.

Do you want to walk around with that weight and heavy chest forever? Or do you want to feel happy, loved, albeit carefree? Wouldn't you prefer to be pleased with what you have and incredibly satisfied when you work for something?

You must accept the scary task of owning your life and embracing responsibility. When you do the work it takes to heal the micro and macro traumas causing this line of thinking, you begin breaking the patterns of behaviour that have you feeling stuck, disadvantaged, unsatisfied and unhappy. The work is a task and not always comfortable, but the rewards are monumentally life-changing.

The biggest question for you is, what do you want? Happiness or bitterness. An enjoyable, satisfying existence where the universe works for you rather than against you. To act or react.

You must be willing to do the work. Be open and brave enough to face yourself and do what needs doing to feel genuinely happy and in control.

Will you do what it takes to be happy?

No one can answer that but you.



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